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The House recently passed a bill that would force ByteDance to divest its share of TikTok or ban the app from smartphones in the United States.

The arguments on both sides centered on Chinese influence on elections and Chinese access to the personal information of Americans, especially young Americans, where the app is the most popular.

The bill as passed through the House is bad for Americans, bad for small businesses, and doesn’t do anything to correct the root issues.

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Phil Goss will launch his campaign for Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District this weekend and become the first Democratic candidate for the deep-red seat.

A businessman and former State Department employee, Goss was born in Oklahoma and grew up in Evansville. His grandfather lived in Fort Wayne and in the 1930s bought the farm Goss now lives on.


For some who live humanely, a Wabash education can lead to sneaking across the border into a warzone. For Phil Goss '90, early March featured Polish-Ukrainian border crossings and flak jacket fittings-- all to serve Ukrainian refugees as they fled west to evade Putin's war.

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