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My name is Phil Goss. I was born in Oklahoma, and raised in Evansville. After graduating Central High School I attended Wabash College where I earned a bachelor’s degree in political science and speech/rhetoric. Later on I earned a MBA from University of Strathclyde through a program hosted at University of Gdansk, and did further graduate studies at the Kelley School of Business at IU Bloomington.

My career began in teaching, first teaching sailing at Culver Military Academy, and then teaching high school English in Poland, before teaching English at the University of Gdansk, where I pursued my MBA and hosted a radio show called “Arnet Ameryka”, a radio show in English discussing American culture for the Polish community. All of these experiences in Poland led me to a Fascell Fellowship with the State Department, where I worked to facilitate adoptions of Eastern European children into loving American families.

Following the Fellowship I returned to education, culminating in work at TVN Linguaa, where I did televised language instruction. Poland has continued to be good to my career, and I continue to be employed by a Polish company, which I do mostly remotely while operating my family farm in Fort Wayne.

The farm has been in my family for four generations, and I am currently the proud steward of 46 acres where we grow food for local families, and up to 460 varieties of Irises. My family and I have deep roots here in the Fort, and I’m honored to have inherited the farm and continued the traditions of the annual Iris sale, as well as putting food on the table for families.

I’ve been a teacher, a fixer, and a farmer. I’ve attended colleges in the United States and Poland. I’ve worked with businesses on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Everything I’ve done has led to this moment, a moment I’m honored to have your support in, when we flip this District blue and I head to Washington to represent your needs before the United States House of Representatives. Let’s reclaim our American Dreams.

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