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Government Overreach

We have to file good faith tax returns, so should the Dept of Defense. They shouldn’t get an increase in the military budget until they pass an audit.
The government shouldn’t be able to continue wars that are disguised as interventions, these need to go back to Congress for approval.

For too long our government has chosen to interfere in American lives in places where our personal decisions are the only ones that matter; in schools, in libraries, and in our doctor’s exam rooms. At the same time they’ve allowed real issues to go unsolved, where maybe a little government regulation would be helpful.


Every person can, and should, choose the form their healthcare takes.

Every person can, and should, choose their own books to read.

These are not governmental decisions.

Yet, broadband internet access is largely unregulated, and for many families is out of reach because of cost. The internet is a public utility, and should be regulated.

Privacy laws are a farce in this country, and your personal data is bought and sold by corporations every day. Your very existence is a commodity bought and sold by big tech companies.


In your pocket is a cell phone you’re not allowed to repair. On farms all across the 3rd District we own tractors and combines that we’re not allowed to repair. These vital pieces of hardware are used every day in our lives, but if they ever break, we’re not allowed to fix them. The government should protect our right to repair the things we own.


In 2022 the Department of Defense failed their audit for a fifth straight year. An organization with a reported $3.5 trillion in assets can’t account for 61% of those assets. Even while Congress is currently investigating this issue, the DOD budget grows annually, now amounting to $766B (in 2022), or 12% of all federal spending.

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